Greta Christina On Atheism And Sexuality

Greta Christina on Atheism & Sexuality from Jennifer McCreight on Vimeo.

Lecture by Greta Christina at Purdue University on 2/5/10

The sexual morality of traditional religion tends to be based, not on solid ethical principles, but on a set of taboos about what kinds of sex God does and doesn’t want people to have. And while the sex-positive community offers a more thoughtful view of sexual morality, it still often frames sexuality as positive by seeing it as a spiritual experience. What are some atheist alternatives to these views? How can atheists view sexual ethics without a belief in God? And how can atheists view sexual transcendence without a belief in the supernatural?

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Humanist Porn is a new site that seeks to forge a new path for depictions of human sexuality. For too long, sex has been defined in terms of religious morality and sin. For centuries this basic human function has been chained down by negativity, sexism and guilt. Much of the pornography created today reproduces the negative attitudes that stifle our full enjoyment of sex. This site seeks to discuss how we can change that. Porn needs to reflect a humanist perspective, depict sexual relations in a positive way and embrace sexuality in all its diversity.